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Justin Smallbridge: Drake Speaks! (Kind of….)

Posted in Opinion with tags , , , , , , on February 21, 2014 by segarini

Justin LargeEditor’s Note: We encourage creativity here at DBAWIS, and the crew who write for you always step up to the plate.

Today’s column is a departure from our usual modus operandi, and I was thrilled to receive it from once-a-month contributor Justin Smallbridge, he of no small talent and a cutting wit. What else can I say about a man I met because of the review he wrote of my first Segarini album, “Gotta Have Pop”, which included the line, “This album sucks like a Hoover”. I liked the review so much I had it blown up to a 6ft. by 7ft. sign which hung in the offices of Bomb Records until the label folded.

Here’s Justin’s column.

Now I’m waiting to hear from Drake’s lawyers….

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