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Segarini: More Obscure Bob – Risky Business

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bob 79One of the greatest pieces of advice I ever got was from a nefarious character I used to buy drugs from. You would never guess that was what he did for a living. He was always impeccably dressed and well turned out, drove a beautifully kept, unpretentious Cadillac sedan, and, though he sold a great deal of product to a wide variety of people, did not partake in said product at all.

As I got to know him over the years, I was surprised to find out that he did not have to sell drugs to make a living…in fact, he didn’t have to earn a living at all. He was wealthy. I never pried, and did not know exactly how he had become so well off, but I believe, due mostly to his demeanor, overall brightness, and well-informed outlook on life, that his financial situation was either inherited or earned through shrewd investments. It was old money.

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JAIMIE VERNON – If You Don’t Know Me By Now

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vernon_19972We hereby interrupt our regularly scheduled blog about me to talk about…me.
In my new day gig working in a train yard and shipping cars from here to — over there somewhere — I occasionally encounter cars that aren’t off a current assembly line but private cars being shipped by citizens for fun, profit and the rare felony dodge.

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Comic books have been a source of light amusement most of my life. Both my grandmother and her second husband (God bless their souls) always had a stack waiting for me and my sister every time my family visited so there was always a diversion in the form of ‘Richie Rich’. ‘Baby Huey’ and ‘Casper the Friendly Ghost’ at hand as well as ‘Star Trek’ adaptations by the Gold Key company – oh, if I only had those in my possession today.

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