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Jusitin Smallbridge: The Tibet House Benefit, Tuesday, February 28, 1995

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Justin Large The Date: Tuesday February 28, 1995,

The Place: Carnegie Hall,

881 7 Av. (@ 57 St.),

New York New York,

The Concert: Tibet House Benefit

The Players….

David Byrne, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Allen Ginsberg, Philip Glass, Spalding Gray, Gyuto Monks, Katell Keineg, Ashley MacIsaac, Natalie Merchant,


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Darrell Vickers: How Bob Dylan Spoiled Me For Other Concerts and Turned Danny Devito Into My Bitch

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darrell-vickersThe Easily Off-Track Intro:

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for almost 30 donnyosmondyears now.  To quote Donny Osmond, “And that’s a long, long time.”  Consider, when I moved to The City of Angels, curling still used actual brooms instead of those ultra-high-tech sweepy things.  Am I the only CURLING_BROOMS, MONTREAL_THISTLE_CURLING_CLUB, 20th_CENTURYtraditionalist left on God’s rapidly-warming Earth who misses the majestic “Flappa Dappa, Flappa Dappa” of the mighty besom as stalwart men of iron will guided their beloved “rock” (I really know the lingo) to its date with other rocks of a different color and destiny?

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Darrell Vickers: South of the Border, Down Status Quo Way

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If you could walk inside your own ear and travel back to the very first sound you ever heard, what would be some of the stops you’d make along the way?  For me, one of those stations would have to be the beneficent and glorious wire racks of used albums at Star Records, in the ever-so-humble town of Oshawa. (Miraculously, the store is still there, so hie on down!)  Oh, the many hours I would spend inside that noble sound emporium, sifting through the aural dross in search of precious slices of black gold, containing cheap, non-scratched-to-shit, auditory feasts of ultimate transcendence.

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