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Roxanne Tellier – An Embarrassment of Riches

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Money and power have one very similar trait – neither are destructive at face value, but both become toxic when an obsessive love of either or both overrules a person’s basic humanity.

Both can be hoarded, without much censure. Many look at the very wealthy or very powerful, and envy their hoards. Even if the hoards consist of ill-gotten, or at the very least, suspicious, gains, morality ceases to matter in the face of a society that has elevated the acquisition of wealth over all other talents or abilities.

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Cam Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock’n’Roll – From The Back Of The Film

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Shanghai Aug 2012I was very saddened, but unfortunately not shocked, at the passing of Mindy McCready. I think we all feared this story was going to end this way with, or, with an overdose. Run- ins with the law, drug charges, custody battles and “Celebrity Rehab” formed the perfect equation for disaster.  I always hoped things would work out for her and she would find the happiness she needed and deserved. The Mindy I saw on TV was not the Mindy I remember.

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