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Nadia Elkharadly: Gender Bending Covers

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Nadia LogoVery recently, I had the very extreme pleasure of watching Heart perform in Toronto.  I’ve always been a Heart fan, I mean what warm blooded female rock music lover isn’t?  I wanted the powerful pipes of Ann Wilson and the effortless beauty and guitar skills of her sister Nancy.  I grew up loving songs like “Barracuda” and “Crazy on You”, and greatly admiring the women who created that music that helped to raise me.  And soon, I’d discover an incarnation of that great band that would make me love them even more.

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Nadia Elkharadly: Covers

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Nadia LogoOne of the easiest ways for a band or artist to reach out to or appeal to new fans is with covers.  It’s a no brainer really; you take a song that people who may have never heard you play a note, play it, and watch the reaction.  The response is pretty much the same every time; a slow glimmer of recognition, a lightbulb moment (hey! I know that song), and pretty soon you have the crowd singing right along with you.  It’s the ultimate inclusive force, and it’s a powerful tool for musicians.  I firmly believe up and coming bands should keep a cover or two in their set list, just to draw fans into them.  I, like everyone else on this planet who gives a shit about music, love a good cover tune.

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock – Still Undercover

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Great column by Frank Gutch Jr. yesterday. I had the pleasure of doing publicity for the 2009 release of “Lighthouse 40 Years Of Sunny Days”. The CD contained their 16 greatest hits re-mastered and the accompanying DVD was the current band in the studio recreating those hits in 5.1 sound.  A great starter kit for anyone who wants to get to know the music of Lighthouse. Astute reader Bill Curran pointed out that “Sorrow” from the Bowie album “Pin Ups” was originally recorded by The McCoys of early Rick Derringer fame. Who knew?

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