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Roxanne Tellier – Is That You, Rona?

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Funny, I always thought that I’d get so much more done. Whenever I felt like I just couldn’t keep up with all of the richness and offerings of modern life, I’d mutter to myself…

“If only time would stop – just for a day or two – and let me catch up on all of this watching, reading, and writing!”

So here it is, and guess what I’ve been doing? Lying on my bed, watching YouTube, playing games on the tablet, and spending quality time with the cats. Between naps.

I have 24 library books here to be read and used for the three major projects I’m working on, but I’ve not opened one of them. Instead I’m storming through my stack of paperback novels, the pulpier the better.  Occasionally I feel guilty about not working on those weighty projects, but then I tell myself that I just can’t possibly start yet, not without that one other book that was on its way before the library so abruptly closed.

I keep busy, no question. And I spend a lot of time wondering if I’m sneezing because of allergies, or because of the coronavirus.

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Roxanne Tellier: The Rainbow Connection

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january roxanneI love the synchronicity in all life, and in my life in particular. Each day, I wake to the new thoughts and ideas that are being generated by the people I have chosen to surround myself with. That I stay positive and cheerful is no accident – the family, friends, and acquaintances I spend time with have proven themselves to be the influences that shape how I perceive the world around me.

Since the majority of the people with whom I consort are creatives, you would think there would be more whining and gnashing of teeth over our lack of material goodies. But in fact, despite our relatively low contribution to the gross national product of wherever we’ve chosen to reside, our thoughts do not revolve around the latest gadget or tech goodie.

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