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Segarini – Monday Filler

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Bob the Iceman.cropped

Short and sweet, that’s what this is. With Doug Thompson, Gary Pig Gold, and Darrell Vickers wrapped up for the month of June, it has fallen to me to provide read-y things for the last Monday of the month. I endeavour to do so with The Monday Filler. …and what, exactly, is The Monday Filler? Well, it is this….


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Geoff Pevere: The Consummate Critic’s Criteria for Criticism

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A number of years ago, I was witness to an altercation that rattled me to the bones. It happened after a preview screening of Carlito’s Way. I was walking out with a filmmaker buddy of mine, and we were chewing over what we thought had worked and not worked in the movie. In the flow of exiting people, I ran into someone I did regular movie discussions with on CBC Radio, and he was as big a Brian de Palma fan as anyone short of the man’s mother.

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