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Roxanne Tellier – The Past is Prologue

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One of the few benefits of getting older is having not only a lot of past to remember, but for some, the time to do so in a leisurely fashion, and with a philosophical bent. If we are lucky, and if we look back with clear eyes, we may actually begin to see where we’ve been, and maybe even to see how our past has impacted upon our present.

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Peter and Politics

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In today’s column, I’m going to reflect on a number of aspects of current politics, and I hope that you can take something away from this “sermon”.

One of my favourite comic strips is “Pearls before Swine”, by Stephan Pastis 1). In one particular episode, Rat, one of the main characters, is confronted by a “repo man”. When Rat asks why the man is there, as he is up to date with his car payments, the “repo man” replies that he is there to repossess Democracy, as people didn’t care to vote, nor did they bother to become informed about the issues. In the third panel, the man leaves with Democracy, and in the final panel, Rat says that he hates when that happens.

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Roxanne Tellier – Remembrance Day

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Roxanne DBAWIS

My dad was a Korean vet. He met my mum through her brother, with whom he served in the famous Van Doos (the Royal 22nd Regiment.) He was from Alberta, and she from Quebec. It’s unlikely they would have ever met if it hadn’t been for the war. They married a few weeks after attending my Uncle Leo’s wedding, and I was born nine months later.

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