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Roxanne Tellier: I Like Dreaming …

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Roxanne DBAWISThose who know me too well say I’m an “insta crash.” I have the ability to fall asleep in the most awkward of places and the strangest of times. It’s a gift.

And I dream. I dream in colour, the dreams have plot lines, no matter how insane, and if I don’t like my dream, I can wake up, figure out how to change the plot, and fall back asleep to finish off the story. In the words of that insipid 1977 Kenny Nolan song, I like dreaming. And I do it very well.

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Segarini: A Monkee, a Montrose, a McQuarrie, and Other Fallen Friends

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I felt bad about Whitney Houston. I feel bad about most of my fellow travelers who die from misadventure or self-abuse. I can relate to the fearlessness of youth, the temptations afforded by the entertainment business and more money than brains, and the unforeseen (and oddly unexpected) results some of our most revered icons suffer at the hands of bad decisions and yes-men surroundings.

I appreciate the irony of men of religion and ‘family values’ falling victim to temptations of the flesh, anti-drug celebrities dying because of the very thing they rail against in public, and the folly of those not yet in touch with their own mortality…but it pisses me off when we lose people we care about because of disease, dangerous drivers or delusional fans, lack of resources, or God’s blunder of whisking us off this ball of mud just as we get old enough to start figuring shit out…and that goes for the famous, the not so famous, and the rest of us.

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