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Cameron Carpenter: Rock’n’Roll Rewind – Cuz I Sez So – The New York Dolls

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A short rewind this week to May of 2005 and a road trip to Cleveland to see the re-united New York Dolls. It first appeared in Gasoline Magazine which was owned by Darryl Fine from the Bovine. It was a great full-colour glossy free mag but ran out of money when the ads stopped coming. Darryl, photographer Laurence Laberge, and I loaded into my Toyota Highlander and headed off to the home of the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame.

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock’n’Roll – N

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The Nails
How much did I love the song “88 Lines About 44 Women”? Well, my daughter’s middle name is Seattle and the first time I ever heard that name was in that song. “Seattle was another girl who left her mark upon the map”. The band was formed as The Ravers in Boulder, Colorado in the late seventies and at one time employed a crew member by the name of Eric Boucher. Eric would leave Boulder and head to San Francisco, change his name to Jello Biafra and form The Dead Kennedys.

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