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Cameron Carpenter – 10 CC – Once Bourbon, Once Scotch, Now Beer

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Habits change as we get older. For years, and with thanks to Segarini, my drink of choice was Jack’n’Coke. No matter where I went with a bar it was what I ordered. After high school I rarely drink beer, and, unless it was a quart at The Gasworks, or a tray of the old 10 ouncers at The Alpine, a JD was the weapon of choice.

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock’n’Roll – D2

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My second most asked question (right after “where does your forehead actually end”?) is who is your favourite artist to work with? It is usually followed by who was the biggest pain in the ass?

One of the biggest assets in becoming good at A&R, artist relations, publicity, management or virtually any job that puts you in direct contact with artists, is the ability to get along with them, reading their moods, and being able to make them feel at ease in almost any situation. You also need to know how to get them out of any situation without making them look like it was their idea.

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