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Frank Gutch Jr: Byron Isaacs: The Disappearing Man; Dumpster Diving (The Album Chronicles); and Notes of a Lugubrious Nature (Or Maybe It’s Luxurious… Damn it! Where’s My Dictionary?)

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 Byron Isaacs is the kind of guy that makes you want to shout, Hey!  I know that guy!  I do, you know.  Well, not know know him, but know him.  Know his music.  Know his professionalism and his makeup.  Know his importance to the world of music.  Sure, I only met him once, but that once was enough to tell me who he was and is.  I mean, I know him.  Get it?

I would have to explain the whole degrees of separation thing for you to understand how we met.  What the hell.  I’ll give you the Cliff’s Notes version.

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Frank Gutch Jr: The Music That Made Me Who I Am…..

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Frank Gutch Jr 2

It was my birthday last week.  I’m not saying it because it matters much to me— less and less as each year passes.  I mention it because of the things friends tell me, most of which reminds me of who I am and the paths I have taken to get here.  I mean, none of us plan to be who we are— it just evolves.

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Frank Gutch Jr: Sweet Relief III— An Album Recorded For All the Right Reasons, A Look at Record Stores Through Others’ Eyes, and Those Goddamned Notes (Pay Attention! Quiz at Eleven!)…..

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FrankJr2Want to know how stupid we are?  Us Americans, anyway?  Pretty damn, as far as I can see, and all it took was sitting down and taking ten minutes to map out one day.  I have had people tell me that if I really want to know what is happening, I should sit down every day and write down everything I did.  Not in detail but with enough to show me what really happened and not just what I thought happened.  When I did, I was stunned.  See, I live on a very limited budget (What?  You think we get paid for all the fun we have here at DBAWIS?) and I thought I was doing pretty well navigating through life.  One days list and I’m not so sure.

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