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Roxanne Tellier – The View From a (Canadian) Broad

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Every morning, around four a.m., there’s something that wakes me up. I don’t know if it’s a noise from the street, a neighbour heading to work, or a very punctual raccoon with OCD, but nearly every day, there’s a sound that rouses me from my dreams and leaves me washed up on the shore of my thoughts.

The reveries that preoccupy me in the hours between four a.m. and an almost normal six o’clock rise are the ones that might flit through your mind during the day, but that are not chewed over like they might be at say .. quarter to five in the morning.

Thoughts like, could Melania actually be Trump’s Russian handler? Is this weird red mole-y thing cancerous? And, why is it that so many males, from boy to man, love running around pantless?

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Jaimie Vernon_ViletonesThe end of the school year is fast approaching. As I take my son back and forth on what will be his final year in high school, I find myself drifting back in time to when we looked forward to summer break. My childhood was filled with great ones. In 1975 I took a two week trip west across Canada with my grandmother in her 1972 Skylark which changed my life, and my world view, for the better. That was almost completely undone when my parents attempted to take my sister and I on a similar trip to Canada’s East Coast in 1977. It was a study in stark contrasts on how not to travel with one’s family.
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250_23750261354_2817_nMy world in 1975 was earmarked with two rollercoaster events – the emotional and physical upheaval of my life when my parents bought a new house and uprooted us to the suburbs…and a two week trip across Canada with my grandmother in her 1972 Skylark. The trip trumped the spritof76upheaval and I slowly began to grow accustomed to my new surroundings, friends and lifestyle. So 1976 was a complete surprise when it introduced a number of firsts.

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