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Roxanne Tellier … Of Time and Tides

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Next week, I’ll be heading to British Columbia to visit my daughter, granddaughters, family and friends. My husband gifted me the fare; he knows I’ve been aching to see the girls. I’ll be there for my daughter’s birthday, and to reacquaint myself with my granddaughters, who are teetering on the brink of their teenage years, at ages 11 and 13. My daughter will have her hands full for the next decade with these two little minxes.

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Segarini VS Batman V Superman Part 3 – INTERRUPTED AND INCOMPLETE

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I occasionally suffer from depression.

Unlike many people,  I do not share my personal personal life with many actual friends, or acquaintances, especially on social media sites like Facebook, (which is usually littered with more personal information than a high school slam book) Twitter, or Tumblr. I simply cannot whine for the sake of whining, nor am I comfortable seeking sympathy, reassurance, or a pat on my pitiful pointed head from any of you, when I know everyone has problems of their own and do not need to add mine to their list of things to address. I don’t like to make excuses either, so, there is a reason I bring this up here and now, and once I ‘splain, we’ll move on…
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