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Roxanne Tellier – The Age of Bullies Part Two: World Class Bullies and Where They Live

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Last week I wrote about local bullies, and those that terrorize the citizens that elected them locally and nationally. More often than we might have thought, those elected bullies, unsated by the billions they suck from their people’s coffers, opt to extend their reign indefinitely. When they do so, they morph from being barely restrained autocratic bullies, into full-fledged, unrestrained, dictators.

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Roxanne Tellier – Diva, Drama Queen, Dictator – It’s always about Power

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As a young woman, growing up in Alberta and Quebec, I loved drama. I yearned to be on stage, wowing the audience, making sweeping gestures that would evoke memories of Judy Garland or Isabella Duncan. I wanted to wear fabulous clothing, clothing so stunning that people would stop dead in the streets to watch me as I sashayed along the pavement with my scarves twirling in the breeze,  and my skirts trailing behind me like a bridal train.

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock – D

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Diary Of A Rock ’n’ Roll Star
The best rock book ever written. Period. Ian Hunter takes us on a journey across America in November and December of 1972 as his band Mott The Hoople try to break in to the American market. It reads as an actual diary and you can tell by the tone that only Hunter put pen to ink. Unlike the Alice Cooper tour chronicled in “Billion Dollar Baby”, the Mott tour was a little lower budget, economy flights and economy accommodations and rarely a headline show. Hunter goes to great lengths to describe everything to his reader from the interior of a 747 to backstage catering and everything in between. It becomes Brit’s take on the promise (and letdown) of what is America.

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