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Segarini: Award Shows, Van Gogh, the Day I Was Born, and Some Birthdays

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A Message from Bob –Yet another rerun, but this one has been heavily updated. The reason I am having trouble writing new ones, stems back to December 15th when many of us lost an old friend and good man, Dave Bailey. The tentative date for the Celebration of Dave’s life is Sunday May 14th. The Carpet Frogs (who are also Burton Cummings touring band) are the house band for the event, which will feature other artists that Dave worked with in the past. The date may change a week in either direction, and as details are finalized, I will be updating the information. …and now…on with the show…or your shoes, whichever you prefer. ..and put on some pants.

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Roxanne Tellier – Where is Mary Tyler Moore When We Need Her?

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In 1970, Mary Richards and The Mary Tyler Moore Show debuted to a changing world. Women like my mum, who had left school in grade 9 during the Great Depression, were watching the rise of feminism, and wondering how the heck they were supposed to react and behave.

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Doug Thompson headshot

A few months back, not long after Stan Freberg died on April 7th, I wrote a column about his early career as a voice actor for Capitol Records children’s records and Warner Bros. cartoons, TV shows like “Time For Beany” plus his hilarious 13 week CBS summer radio series as well as his many hit parodies for Capitol.  At the time, I promised (or threatened, I can’t remember which), to write a second column on Stan’s amazing adventures in advertisingland.

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Segarini: The Emmys. I Hear it’s My Birthday, and the VMAs. Part 2 – I Hear it’s My Birthday

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The Bobcast Bob May 6th 2013 Cropped

A Reader Writes: Regarding your blog of September 9th, 2014 Mr. Segarini. Except for mentioning Saturday Night Live and Amazing Race, you said nothing about the shows that were nominated for an Emmy at this year’s event, nor who won or who lost. Further, you made no mention of any of the nominees, actors, actresses, or even the names of the shows. Most disturbing of all, you failed to write one single word about the great Robin Williams.

What do you have to say for yourself?

Billy in Banff

Dear Billy, Not much, really…


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Segarini: Disneyland on Acid

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The Family Tree Signs with RCA

There were a lot of great reasons to sign a record deal with RCA back in the mid ‘60s. Aside from the whopping ‘3% of 90% of wholesale’ deal, (and you think illegal downloading is ripping off artists? HA!), which was standard at the time, there were a pile of bonus goodies that came with the servitude.

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