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Pat Blythe – A little BoRap, More Indie Week …and Music!

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Well this is going to take a while. A full six days of Indie Week including a fabulous launch party  and a very private event at a very secret location, three days on the road with ONES, Horseshoe and Hideout gigs, an MCN Open Mic farewell and move, Pretzel Logic at the Orbit Room….and I’m sure I’m forgetting something in there….. I know I won’t get this all in one fell swoop but needless to say it’s been a non-stop roller coaster ride. Going back to front, let’s start with…. Oh but first…….

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A 1976 Jeep Laredo tore through the desiccated Malibu hills. Dirt and pebbles, abruptly torn from their slumbers, rose in umbrage in its wake. These uber-skinny, impossibly windy roads are L.A.’s great equalizer. No matter how rich and famous you are or how Versailles-like your digs, every time you pull your imported sports car out of the driveway, you risk receiving a mouthful of delivery truck. Or Jeep – because the girls were testing every known law of physics, especially centrifugal force, as they careened their way back to The Cult Mansion.

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Chef Tom – Pork and Veggie Bowls

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This lunch had been repeated a few times because it’s so damn satisfying. It takes paying attention to timing to have everything ready at the same time, but when it all comes together, the homey colors, soulful flavors and fresh crunch make a most nourishing one-bowl meal.

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Bob shares The Story of The Wackers Part One

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I was losing sleep writing about The Five Crazy Assholes (Our Personal Tour Name, and how we refered to ourselves more often than not), when I was gifted with a copy of the fan magazine this was originally printed in…and PLEASE, I cannot find the PM with your name on it and you deserve credit for this, even though I used the old, weathered scans of my copy when I couldn’t find yours, so get back to me and I’ll insert your well deserved credit. Okay…where was I…oh yeah, Yellowed with age and at wonky angles, I did what I could to make it presentable because you deserve to read this account because it was written by two eccentric and incredible dear friends who are no longer with us…although I keep them close to this day. More next Friday, but I need all you Wacker Friends and Fans to follow the directions at the end of the column….

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Peter, The Great War, and Pop Goes to Camp

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At 11:00 A.M. (Paris time) on the 11th of November, 1918, “The Great War”, “The War To End All Wars” a.k.a. World War I, came to an end. The face of Europe was forever changed. However, in this war’s wake, it fostered yet another global conflict, as less than 21 years later the “dogs of war” were let loose once again.

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A highly exclusive brand of eventide that you just can’t get in Bellflower or Willowbrook had fallen upon the land and sea. The beaming moon stood guard over the Earth’s most cherished children as they slumbered in their king-sized feather-mattressed beds. Hills full of wildflowers graciously wafted their delicate scents through the mild evening air. Little fuzzy bunnies hopped to and fro in gardens of purple kohlrabi, prickly caterpillar bean, white tomesol, black krim tomatoes and rainbow carrots. Shit nobody has ever heard of and even fewer people eat. Little did the local lagomorphs and ruminants suspect that the tubers and legumes they were blithely nibbling on would cost them upwards of a year’s salary if they were to purchase them at a Gelson’s or Mrs. Gooch’s.

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Bob Fixes Everything

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Like a cow, I have a Tipping Point.

And I reached it years ago. Or rather, I recognized it years ago.

I became distracted, unable to focus, began having trouble enjoying myself, my mind wandering from problem to problem, overwhelmed, unable to concentrate…and I found that I wasn’t the only one suffering from this malaise.

I started paying more attention to what everyone else was talking about on Social Media, on the TTC, in elevators, in check out lines, and on talk radio.

Talking. Complaining. Whining. Yelling. Arguing. …but doing nothing.

From everyday bullshit to world wide idiocy, we have become numb and complacent and defeated. Negativity rules over Positivity.

Well, Boys and Girls…

Time to put on the tool belt and fix this shit….

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