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Jaimie Vernon – GWNtertainment Issue 02

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The response to our first issue of the reborn GWNtertainment Magazine last week

( has been positive and encouraging as I’m now getting artists and their reps sending news releases and links to new music. As it should be. Keep those cards and letters coming, kids. Now we go live where our Polar Swim Team is about to cross the Bering Strait in their birthday suits…

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Chef Tom’s Miso-Butter Onions

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This is one of the most delicious things I’ve ever put in my mouth. It’s the perfect side dish for a roast chicken, a grilled steak, or a piece of broiled fish. Savory, umami, creamy. It’s magical. You can even toss the finished (cooled) product into a blender and use it as a gravy for all manner of things.

Find the miso. Spend the time cooking it on the oven. You will return to this recipes many times, it’s that good. Genius recipe from Chef Yotam Ottolenghi.

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Peter – I Remember Mama

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Although it was 21 years ago, almost to the minute, I remember it like it was yesterday. While checking my home phone messages from my workplace, I found out that my mother had passed away. I was stunned. Eventually I stood up and went to my supervisor’s desk. I told him that my mother had passed. He was rather dismissive about it, he didn’t particularly like me. In a daze, I returned to my desk and tried to work. Shortly thereafter, the manager came to my desk and gently told me to go home. He was very sympathetic and kind, and was a glimmer of compassion in an otherwise horrible day.

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Pat Blythe – Fluff ‘n stuff…..and music

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Hi, my name is Pat Blythe…..just in case you forgot!

Welcome to 2021! It’s been five weeks…..five columns since you’ve heard from me. Such a lot (and that’s putting it mildly) has happened globally, but especially south of our border. Every major news network is on it… I’m not. Today’s column will be one of lightness and fluff…..maybe a little fairy dust and little nonsense. I feel we could use some twaddle and trivia.

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Jaimie Vernon – GWNtertainment

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A million years ago (okay, it was 32) I had an idea to start a music magazine to promote Canadian music. The idea didn’t come out of nowhere and there was a catalyst to light the fire. It started as a newsletter in 1989 to promote my rock band Moving Targetz. It was called the M.T. Head Express and was mailed to our fans monthly to let them know about gigs, recordings, and all our shenanigans as a rock band. My ex’s mother, Gail Benson (RIP), said to me one day, “You should expand your news letter to cover other Canadian bands, not just your own.” And, so I did. In early 1990, I launched a 24-page fanzine called Great White Noise Magazine. My ex and I bought a brand new PC with a dot matrix printer for $1320. I had to take out a loan at my credit union to do it. It would take me until 1993 to pay it off! Continue reading

Chef Tom’s Tantalizing Techniques

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Cooking for over forty years it’s fun to find crazy-good methods of creating serious yumminess. Here are three. My fave is the sweet potato. Continue reading

Segarini – Day in the Life

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Let me tell you about my day ….

I woke up at 1:40 am

Again at 3:20

Yet again at 4:45

and again at 7:01

and finally at 8:20 am

Got up twice to pee, once to turn the TV off, once to turn the TV on, once to get some ice water and turn the TV off again, and once to turn the TV back on and watch CNN, Carnival Eats, and an episode of Million Dollar Listings: New York and then got up to grab a Monster Sugar Free Energy Drink out of the fridge and go to work on my column. Turned off the TV again before I left the bedroom at 10:20 ….

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Darrell Vickers – Have Mercy Part Three: A Title or a Cry for Help?

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Andrew and I now had our blindingly luminescent stars (Daniel Hugh Kelly and the ever-lovely Heather Locklear) and, thanks to Ellie Kanner, we also managed to accrue a rootin’-tootin’ supporting cast. Paxton Whitehead (Gilbert – the British concierge), Stuart Pankin (Bertrand – the French chef), Julie Payne (the maid) and a young Patrick Warburton as the muscle-bound bellboy were dreams to work with. Talented and cooperative? To quote the legendary Wally Shawn: “Inconceivable!”

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2020 YEAR-END MUSIC ROUND-UP by Jaimie Vernon

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We’re on the final lap of 2020 as we hold our collective breaths anticipating/dreading the upcoming year. Despite the inability to see live music as frequently as many of us would have wanted this year, musicians did what they could to keep cranking out great music to take our minds off of the crap going on in the world. Without further ado here’s the rest of the Christmas tracks and a smattering of new original tunes piling up in my in-box.
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Chef Tom – Sheet Pan Dinners

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The trifecta for good, everyday eating

  1. Ease in the kitchen
  2. Bold flavors
  3. Healthy ingredients

Pulling out a sheet pan, choosing a lovely protein, adding a tasty combination of vegetables (and sometimes fruit), a healthy fat (which is NOT BY ANY MEANS a self-canceling phrase), some fresh herbs and yummy spices, and that’s it.

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