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Pat Blythe – LP, in Memory of Hervé, My 4th Anniversary …and Music!

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It’s my fourth anniversary writing for DBAWIS!!!! Time has wings. A wild and crazy ride full of music, festivals, clubs, a theatre show, a little G&T, dancing, my drums, more music and incredible people. There is soooooooo much going on it’s challenging to keep up. Have you ever suddenly blinked and wondered, “Holy shit, what just happened? WHAT the HELL has just happened?” My life, as I knew it, has inexorably changed….transformed….and it happened when I blinked. I’m in my happy place with photography, writing and music… can’t get much better than this……

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Meanwhile, Mike’s murder-for-hire-gone-awry was still a very long way from getting un-awryed. The expensive landscaping and whimsical topiary without gave no clue to the angst and agita swirling around within its mock-Tudor magnificence.

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Chef Tom Herndon – Tired of Mom’s Meatloaf? Try Tom’s Meatloaf!

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American Comfort Food meets The Middle East

Ok, meatloaf is classic good-ol’-‘mericun comfort food. Like, really comforting. Like jammies, slippers, blankie, and a well-loved movie comforting. \Why the very name contains the word “loaf.”

Meatloaf can also be rather bo-ring. Like desert-is-a-beige-riot boring, or salt-free-chewy-sawdust boring.

I needed to stock the fridge for the week. I wanted something mashers-n-peas, with a big slab o’ meat comforting.

But I also wanted to turn up the volume on flavor. One of my top fave flavor profiles is Middle Eastern. Bold, earthy, tribal ingredients: warm spices like coriander, cumin and cinnamon; the tang of preserved lemons, olives, and feta; the spicy-hot of good harissa; pine nuts, pistachios, and pita bread. Yes?

Traditional Middle Eastern flavor profiles have been proven over centuries. In every mouthful you can taste the history.

So my little chef-mind started buzzing and I came up with this. I have a well-used, plain-Jane recipe that’s tasty enough, and I’ve cooked a hundred times. Something called Mama’s Meatloaf. So I slapped a Middle Eastern filter on my brain-pan and conjured up something that was even tastier. Still pushed all my comfort food buttons, but was not even close to boring. This one’s a keeper.

Try it. You might never return to your mom’s tried-and-true meatloaf again.

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Bob presents – Beware the Bat UPDATED!

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Gotham City wasn’t built to let in the light. Even on the sunniest days, it remained dim and even dark on the crowded sidewalks, because Gotham has a thing for tall buildings standing side by side, on both sides of the blvds, avenues and streets.  Towering over the downtown  populace like Sentinels.

Keeping some feeling safe, and some feeling trapped.

Keeping the Light out.

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Peter Goes Where Everybody Knows His Name

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Well, last week was “interesting”, as I was going with Lois to various doctor’s appointments. Before a very important one, I got trapped in an elevator. (I was able to get out in time to attend the interview in question, at the end of the day, but it still distracted me from writing a column last week, for which I apologize, and promise that that will not happen again.)

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Pat Blythe – Pop Goes The Weasel, Bill Wood and The Woodies, Wanda’s, The BTBs……and Music!

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I’ve actually finished a book!!! A real ” hold in your hands manually turn the pages” book.  Reading is deeply embedded in my DNA. I descend from a long line of voracious readers. It began at the age of four and never stopped. The comprehension/speed reading exercises they put us through in grades seven and eight have served me well. Chris and I used to read together in companionable silence, only coming up for air when there was something one of us just had to share…..or to make the tea.

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Cat Stevens once sweetly crooned that morning had broken. At ‘Bu House, it was morning and everything in sight was broken. There comes a time when the reveler must recompense-in-full the staggering price for his or her unconstrained jollification. That ugly, torturous – and quite often liquid-infused – occasion was “now” for the sorrowful survivors of this ‘Bu bash. The glorious rising sun only spotlighted the sheer worsomeness and carnage on display. Moaning, stricken bodies were strewn about the room like the French after the Battle of Golden Spurs. People were passed out in limpid pools of snack food and cold cut vomit. Some their own. Some donated by strangers. Dionysus had fled the building and only damned Oizys remained.

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