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Cameron Carpenter: Rock’n’Roll Rewind – Days Of Future Past

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Cam and Barb

I am happy to report that Mom came through her surgery with flying colours and we await her return, with her shiny new knee, to the ABC (Arsenal Breakfast Club) at the Balmy Beach Club in the coming weeks.

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Roxanne Tellier: Summer’s Almost Gone

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Roxanne DBAWISLooks like summer is packing up her bags and leaving us for another year. Can’t say I’ll miss her; she had quite an attitude. In fact, if this summer was a woman, I’d call her Kim Kardashian; entitled, bestowing her gifts grudgingly, smiling only for the camera, and crying at inopportune moments. (kimcrying)

Canadians yearn for hot, sunny days though brokenanklekittythe cold snows of winter – it’s what keeps us from succumbing to cabin fever and despair. I’m already dreading the weight of winter coats and boots, and praying I don’t add to the total of just how many times one person can break an ankle.

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