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Promo Shot_Twilight Zone_thumbAside from my life-long obsession with pop music I am also a bleary-eyed, closet Cinephile. I’m a sucker for a historical drama, or an action film or cleverly scripted comedy especially on a lazy Sunday afternoon when Robertsonthe best that television can offer is mindless tripe like ‘Flip Your Spouse’, ‘Lose Weight or Die’ or the sermon of some ratbag preacher who is pick-pocketing the elderly through the very television itself. But I digress…

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Segarini: Stockton, Daring-Do, and Cruising the Miracle Mile: Part Three – A Little History, Showers Park In, and Here Comes High School

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Bob at 13a

Part One can be found here

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Cruising was a social activity that primarily consisted of driving a car around in a circle from one end of a designated street to the other, turn around, repeat. It can be thought of as an expression of the freedom of possessing a driver’s license, or as a way to socialize without verbalizing. Your car, and its occupants were your statement. Your goal?…attracting the opposite sex. Cruising took place at night, during which you drove slowly, bumper-to-bumper, down main streets or ‘drags’ in your home town. Stockton had one of the greatest; The Miracle Mile…Pacific Avenue.


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