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In 1965, Canada was well on its way to making inter-continental travel from sea-to-sea-to-sea a lot more enticing and convenient. The Trans-Canada Highway had linked the otherwise awkward and barely passable sections of Lake Superior in Ontario and the Rocky Mountains between Alberta and British Columbia. And so, my grandparents decided to take a little trek out of province to see that the world didn’t end in Port Arthur, Ontario (merely life as we know it).

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Jaimie Vernon_Viletones They say that memories are built on intense emotional events – happy, sad or frightening. I have very few in the latter category which might be why the few I have are so vivid. Of course, these incidents are always the ones involving acts of, not bravery or heroism, but good old fashioned idiocy. Unlike the current crop of social media Jackass rejects there is no visual proof of my actions…thankfully.

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Merch table_Hamilton_Dave Rave_2002

I find myself at the front end of yet another re-invention of myself. When last I spoke of my day job I was driving automobiles for a subcontractor to one of Canada’s only two railroads. It wasn’t CN. The job nearly killed me. It was so labour intensive and the hours were so long that I actually don’t remember getting to or from work some days.

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One of my favourite bands of all time, Klaatu, had a song entitled ‘Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby III’ about an old sea Captain who recalls his adventures on the edge of the world and boasts that he’d been to hell and come back alive.

I now know how he felt.

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Nadia Elkharadly: Driving Songs

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Nadia LogoWhat did drivers do before car radio was invented?  There’s nothing more torturous to me than absolute silence while driving.  I spend a lot of time in the car.  My daily commute ranges from about thirty minutes each way (on a very very good day) to one to two hours each way (on very very VERY bad days).  Accidents, the slightest hint of inclement weather, and events like sports games, Molson Amphitheatre concerts and disasters like the Hondy/Molson/whatever it’s called now Indy are catastrophic to my sanity in proportion to how much time they add to my already painful commute.  Sometimes, the only thing that keeps me from screaming in frustration is singing.

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Roxanne Tellier – Under My Wheels

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roxsepia2Just before we started taping the Bobcast last week, I was telling our producer, Brian Jedan, about a friend of mine who used to volunteer at “Meals Without Wheels.” Apparently that’s not what it’s called.

You see, the whole driving thing, cars, and all that … it’s a different world for me. I’ve been around vehicles all of my life, I can even convert miles to kilometers, almost … but driving is just not something I’ve ever mastered.

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YouthInAsia1Today I was supposed to deliver to you, my faithful readers, Chapter 2 of “Life’s A Canadian Rock Book 2: Turn On the Radio – The Moving Targetz Story”. As I started rifling through my old notes and half-written brainfarts I ran across something I’d completely forgotten I’d written and I thought to myself: “Self. Have you posted this on DBAWIS before?”

Honestly, I’m not sure. If you’ve seen it before, I apologize for repeating myself. If not, then you need to know that it’s the first section of a chapter Greg_Bullard_Vernonin a future book about Bullseye Records that will explain how and why I ended up representing Greg Godovitz (pictured here with Jaimie and Mike Bullard) and Goddo for nearly 10 years. But this passage isn’t about either of those things, really…it’s about my lifelong knack for putting myself in harm’s way.

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