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Pat Blythe – Jack Richardson Music Awards and Music Week…What a Blast!!!

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There is SO much to share with you. It’s been such an incredible week celebrating Jack Richardson. A full week of music was such a blast and the Jack Richardson London Music Awards Show……fantastic. What a fitting tribute to a such a remarkable man who was so influential in the Canadian music industry and an amazing friend to all the musicians who crossed his path. I firmly believe Canada wouldn’t be home to one of the greatest bands in the world if Richardson hadn’t mortgaged his house for that first album and subsequent number one hit. I personally salute the man who believed so much in Canada he refused to go south. One of the most respected and sought after producers in the world, Richardson dedicated his career to his mother country and I love that he settled in my home town of London, Ontario.

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Pat Blythe – I’m Dancing on the Head of a Pin….

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You know those days when you feel like someone slipped a happy pill into your morning java. Today (Monday) is one of those days. Walking down University Ave. in Toronto with the sun trying desperately to penetrate the clouds…..and just about making it. I’m listening to tunes with my headphones on and fighting to keep my feet from breaking into a dance. “There goes a crazy lady!” So, walking to the beat will have to do. (Note to all drummers….if your meter is off, I’ll find it) First up was “When The Lights Are Out” by Slade, followed by “Dressed in the Dark” by Bob Segarini (there seems to be theme here)….then Sophie B. Hawkins “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover”. Jeez! Give a girl a break. Finally, on the streetcar “Tomorrow”, by the Research Turtles came on. It’s just a wonderful, poppy, toe-tapping, dancing, feel-good song and I had that one repeat several times.

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Pat Blythe: On The Road Again – The London/Toronto Scrapbook

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It’s Scrapbook time!! So far, May and June have been busy months for a little bar-hopping between cities….checking out new places, acquainting myself with the local talent, hitting the dance floor and meeting up with friends. So, keeping everything in chronological order I’ll begin with my hometown of London, Ontario, famously known as The Forest City. (need you ask why?)

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