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Bob Presents E. Ray Pancake’s 2019 Grammys Predictions

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Hello, I’m Bob.

…and being Bob and of a certain age, I must be honest and let you know that because of the Winter wind and sac-freezing weather, I am unable to type very much due to a little known condition called “Scanlon’s Finger Frost”, brought on by the bones in my fingers becoming brittle and non-responsive due to a steady diet of popsicles, frozen margaritas, and an angry refrigerator door. The cold triggers it and I am unable to push down on the keys of my keyboard because my digits will shatter and I will no longer be able to pick my nose or wipe myself. This intro is being typed by my butler and lackey, Manuel Labourio, a gentleman who was won by my father in a poker game on Cinqo de Mayo. a Mexican celebration of the 5 uses of mayonnaise, on May 5th, 1951

Without further ado, Here’s E. Ray…and Senor Bob, either quit putting snakes in my sleeping bag, or I will inform the SPCA that the Rescue Dogs you adopt are fed to your cats who, in turn, are sold to Chinese restaurants at inflated prices.

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Robert Joseph Segarini Presents E. Ray Pancake’s Record Reviews and Did You Know’s

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It was not often that I found engaging sites on Los Internets del Taco, Mexico’s Number One Website portal, a little known but highly suspect Internet provider, but since they were bought by Tijuana resident ex Morning Show co-host, and World’s Oldest Woman, Kathy Lee Gifford, (Who turns 126 today), and converted all their links and sites to English, the world of unusual and entertaining websites has opened up to me, and my internet time has tripled because every day I find new and addictive ways to waste my time. For example, I just used their exclusive Online Run-On Sentence and Comma Usage Counter on this paragraph, and found out I beat my previous, record, by, three, commas. As cool as that is, the best site available there is the one I am about to, share, with, you.

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