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Gary Pig Gold: A World Without George

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“Music is at the core of our being. Can you imagine a woman rearing a child and not humming to it? It’s as natural as breathing.”

Just in case you haven’t already been listening over the past sixty-some-odd years, Eagle Rock Entertainment’s grand new Produced By George Martin documentary demonstrates once again, via a wealth of vintage clips and contemporary interviews with clients past (Paul McCartney, Cilla Black, Jeff Beck, Bernard Cribbins even) and protégés present-day (Rick Rubin, T-Bone Burnett) the sheer magnitude of the man’s sonic innovations on, and indelible contributions to, the music industry. Or what remains of it, I should say.

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Segarini: The Weekend Roundup – People City, Queen, CITY TV, and Xprime

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It’s no secret that I love Toronto. After growing up on the Left Coast, (San Francisco, Stockton, Los Angeles, and Eureka) and spending five years in Montreal, I found myself living in The Big Smoke. Reluctantly at first, Toronto grew on me until I realized it was my one true home, and though I pine for the Stockton of the ‘50s, the San Francisco and the L.A of the ‘60s, and the Eureka and Montreal of the ‘70s, There is no place on Earth I would rather be in the here and now, than here; Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


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Segarini: Remembering Morrison

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A couple of weeks ago I went out with a good friend, David Macmillan, and his wife, Marilyn, (who has also become a good friend), to hear Fraser/Daley and David Celia at a couple of Roncesvalles Avenue hot-spots. David’s love of music is legendary, and he is one of the happiest human beings I know. Why wouldn’t he be? He is over-the-moon in love with Marilyn, (they are the King and Queen of our refrigerator, where their picture lords over the freezer door), and has a dream job any of us would love to have; David is the head honcho of Eagle Rock Entertainment’s Toronto office, (others are located in New York, Paris, Hamburg, and London, England). They are the largest (and best) producers and distributers of music DVDs, Blu Rays, and digital media in the world.

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