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Roxanne Tellier: Are You For Real?

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We’re in ‘the teens of the 2000s, but let’s not wait for 2020 to get some hindsight.  We’re getting weirder, folks, weirder and less able to distinguish truth from lies, and fact from fiction.   Could a Donald Trump, 100% fact free, have ever gotten a toe hold on an American presidential race in any other way or time?

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Nadia Elkharadly: When the world around you has lost its mind…

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Nadia LogoYesterday I was driving home from work, and listening to the intrepid Mr. Rich Terfry(aka Buck 65) on CBC Radio 2, and as usual, the velvety voiced radio host had many music related facts to impart upon his listening audience.  The most memorable, one and the most shocking to me anyway, was a story that has been circulating about Robin Thicke and Marvin Gaye.  One was accusing the other of song thievery, but you may be just as surprised as I was to hear who was doing the accusing, and the subsequent suing.

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Nadia Elkharadly: From here to Tahrir

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Ever since I started working with Bob on the Wackers Reunion documentary project (along with the lovely and talented Ms. Emer Schlosser), I’ve started paying much more attention to movies.  Camera angles, different shooting styles, lighting, music, sound, these are things that I’ve never noticed before, but have come into focus much more as of late.  And it stands to reason that when one starts to work on a film, a documentary in fact, documentaries as a genre will become a point of interest as well.  Lately I’ll find myself landing on a doc while flipping channels on television, and I’ll stop.

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Nadia Elkharadly: Home is Where the Heart is

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One thing I’ve grown to love about writing this column every week is the freedom I have to write about whatever I’m feeling/thinking/wondering about.  Usually it’s music related of course but this week I thought I’d take a different spin on things.

I think I’ve mentioned here that I’m Egyptian.  Born and raised here in Canada, to Egyptian immigrant parents, I grew up speaking Arabic and then French before I even learned to speak English.  I’ve had the great fortune to have visited the country of my parents’ birth a few times in my life, and every trip yielded different experiences, stories and fond memories.

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