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Segarini – About My Column This Week

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Due to some very important conversations to negotiate a deal with the CRA and Services Canada, my column at DBAWIS will be late, posted sometime tomorrow.

Unfortunately, part of its content is time-sensitive, so I am addressing that here so that, if there is any truth to my thoughts, you don’t think I wrote this after the event. The full column will be posted here tomorrow.

In fact …I have been wondering about this since I first saw the Poster.

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Pat Blythe – Chris …and Music

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Boy, am I late!!! Soooo late starting this column. Tuesday is my “writing” day, but far too much seemed to get in the way and now it’s 6:15pm and I’m on my third sentence! Good news is I received congratulations from our friends in Ottawa for attaining “senior citizen” status. Not only that, how absolutely thrilled they are to be sending me a monthly stipend of what nobody could live on. I should be grateful I receive anything (and I am), but if that’s what today’s 65-and-up population have to survive on, it’s no wonder we’ve got so many elderly living far below the poverty line. What I am extremely grateful for is that I can still work (when we’re not in the middle of a shitstorm) and continue earning a reasonable living. For how long is anyone’s guess, but this body and brain just keep chugging along.

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