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Gary Pig Gold – The Night Don and Phil Walked Right Back

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It’s already been a shade over two years since Phil Everly left us; meanwhile, big brother Don just hit 79 on February One. Yet, all numbers aside, not even the most peripheral rock ‘n’ roller should need any explanation whatsoever how those two Kentuckians placed an indelible stamp upon, most obviously, nearly every Lennon and McCartney vocal duet from “Love Me Do” onward – not to mention those most blatant protégés by the names of Simon and Garfunkel.

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Segarini – Teamwork

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I love social media. Because of it, I have connected with lost friends and old chums, been reminded of past pleasures and experiences I had nearly or completely forgotten, and have over 4000 NEW friends I have never met, know nothing about, and will probably never meet. Instant Pen Pals from all over the world…but one thing about this mostly wonderful technology is driving me nuts.

All the whining. Including mine….
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Frank Gutch Jr: My Music Bubbleth Under

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Frank Gutch Jr 2

It should be no secret by now that when it comes to music I am drawn to the non-hits, the non-charters, and the obscure.  Some of the most beloved music of my past have consisted of  artists and songs only the most avant of the garde have treasured— the Little John & The Monks and the Cargoes and, until their fairly recent deification, the Big Stars.  It started innocently enough— the placement of Jimmy Bowen‘s By the Light of the Silv’ry Moon on radio station KEX‘s Barney Keep‘s playlist, but it was enough.

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