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Bob Makes Excuses for His Excuses …Please Excuse Him

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Some of you may have noticed I have trouble posting my columns sometimes, some of you may not have noticed at all, and some of you may have noticed other things, like a change in the mood of Canada or a growing concern over the long term effects of Kale on your sexual performance, or the fact that Sportsball teams can be as disappointing as the new Adele single. Of course, if she was always a disappointment to you, the letdown is far easier…like the Sportspuck team from Toronto.

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Roxanne says “You Can Choose”

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Oh yes, you can choose. You can choose pretty much every aspect of your life, from the small to the large, from the clothes you wear to the colour of your hair, and the music that you listen to, and of course, to the politicians you elect to run your country and ultimately tell you … what you can choose.

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Roxanne – Time Loves A Hero

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Every now and then, we have to lift our eyes from the path we’ve trod, and reassess. You can’t have perspective on where you’re going if you never looked at where you’ve been.  Taking a good, long, eyes-wide-open look at not just what you’ve done, but why,   can be terrifically painful, but so is living an unexamined and unfulfilled life.

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Segarini: Excuses, Excuses….

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Bob at Stockton Jr HighDear Readers. Please excuse Bob from today’s Column…the Dog Ate His Homework.

Signed, My Mom

Well, kids, this week’s column is going to be late. Only by a day or two, or three, or maybe a week, but late, nevertheless. In the meantime, enjoy the following. Hey! You didn’t thnk I would just bring a note from my mom and then leave you sitting there, ready to read and feeling like I have abandoned you, did you? You did? Really?

I would NEVER do that to you!

Not intentionally, anyway. So yeah, here’s a little something for you…and if what follows is not enough, search the site using the ‘Archive’ window on our home page…with over 680 columns here, there must be SOMETHING you haven’t read yet….

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Segarini: Where to Begin….

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Jack Bauer and BobYes…that’s me and Jack Bauer. He kept me locked in a room for 2 weeks and questioned me about my involvement in a nefarious plot to overthrow the tiny country of Pottselvania with someone called ‘Borisandnatasha’. Fortunately, I was rescued by 2 agents code-named “Moose and Squirrel”. I asked Bauer to break one of my fingers so I could prove I was with him, but we were drinking at Cherry Cola’s and my fingers just bent back…wouldn’t break. You will just have to take my word for it.


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