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Roxanne Tellier: A Victim of Fashion

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Roxanne DBAWISAfter writing about fall’s wonders two weeks ago, it was odd to wake up that Monday to the beginning of a week of Indian summer. Sunny and mild, the weather was perfect for the celebrities and guests swarming Toronto’s streets for TIFF. The beautiful people and their entourages swanned in and out of event venues in their little black dresses, smart cocktail gowns, and Manolo Blahnik shoes.

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Nadia Elkharadly: Global Warming Tee’s: T-shirts with a Voice; Spreading Love and Global Warmth.

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I consider myself very fortunate to have a diverse, interesting, and talented group of friends.  Just about everyone I know is out in the world accomplishing some pretty cool things, and some of them are even making a real difference.  One of these awesome individuals is one Miss Lauren Shirreffs; writer, marketing maven and of late, entrepreneur.  Lauren and her friend and colleague Charmaine Joseph have partnered up to shape an entire business around making statements, and most of all, making people stop and think.  That business is Global Warming Tees.  In their own words:

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Nadia Elkharadly: Music and Fashion

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Music and fashion are two things that have always interested me.  Before I started writing about music, I wrote the occasional piece for local online magazine Toronto Street Fashion, and I really enjoyed it.  So when it was pointed out to me recently that I tend to include the occasional fashion commentary in my music reviews, I wasn’t all that surprised.  To me, music and fashion are two forms of self-expression that go hand in hand.

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