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Roxanne Tellier – America – Coming Apart At The Dreams

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There are only two things that kept me from spontaneously combusting this week.

This ….

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Segarini: The Art of Touring 4 – Look out! He’s got a gun!!!

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Part 3 can be found here

It is hard getting up on Sunday mornings, especially when the alcohol content in your blood stream refuses to dissipate. Any sound can cause your ears to bleed, and any bright light sears the eyeballs and creates a pain more apt to be associated with a tooth ache or listening to an American Idol contestant talk about the meaning of life. Maybe vampires aren’t really blood sucking monsters. Maybe they’re just Eastern European drunks who are smart enough to tuck themselves into a closed space to block out any and all noise, avoid direct sunlight, and sleep all day.

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