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Frank Gutch Jr: No Small Children’s New Video!!! * Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Varying Levels of Reality * Mist and Mast at The Wandering Goat * and (of course) Notes!

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FrankJr2If you’re talking about music this year, even with the amazingly huge numbers of out of sight (or out of site) songs and albums being released, there is one song which rises to the level of Summer Anthem and that is Might Get Up Slow by three teachers out of L.A. calling themselves No Small Children.  Roll your eyes and say I’m beating a dead horse, if you will, but I know a solid hit when I hear one and this is it!  A few years ago, Sheryl Crow was handed a verbal “Anthem of the Summer” award by a lame media tied closely to a monied music and entertainment industry.

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