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Darrell Vickers – How I Spent a Fortune to Give My Family The Worst Christmas Ever

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I aspired to reach for the stars. To invoke the jealousy of those persnickety Gods we hear so much about. My uber-laudable mission was to procure a birthday gift for my wife of such incalculable magnificence that any trite concerns of time and tide would be completely obliterated by the light of its epic-tastic magnificence. Countless worthy avenues of unparalleled largesse were furiously explored and discounted. Stones of-an-unturned-nature were becoming rarer than award-winning documentaries on fish dentistry.


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Darrell Vickers – My 72 Hour Italian Vacation

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A Quick Note from the Author….

This giddily insouciant and hopefully risible treatise was penned as I was unknowingly perched on the very precipice of falling gravely ill and nearly being shipped home from Italy in a pine box (which is only slightly less comfortable than Economy). That will be the subject of my next bravely jocular but tear-inducing column. Stay tuned, but keep those hankies at the ready.

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