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Chef Tom – Pork and Veggie Bowls

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This lunch had been repeated a few times because it’s so damn satisfying. It takes paying attention to timing to have everything ready at the same time, but when it all comes together, the homey colors, soulful flavors and fresh crunch make a most nourishing one-bowl meal.

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A Segarini Rerun – Bob’s Scrapbook of Awesomeness and Oddities For Modern Boys and Girls

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It’s Labour Day! And what better way to celebrate Labour Day than by spending it labouring! While the rest of you lie on the beach, or eat the latest CNE bacon wrapped-deepfried-chocolate covered-peanut butter-dill pickled Midway treat, or sit in traffic on your way back home from wherever you are, I will be moving the last of the boxes and bags from one room to another in order to accommodate a new roommate whose last-minute addition to my life will enable me to keep a roof over my head, food on the table, and who can dial 911 if I accidently lock myself in the bathroom again. Think of me while your ice cream cone melts all over your hand or someone side swipes your car while you wait in line for a burger at Weber’s.

See you tomorrow, when the temperature drops from 100 degrees to ‘Where the fuck are my Ice scraper, toque, and gloves’?                                 Bob – September 3rd, 2018

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Chef Tom – Istanbul Part 1

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Editor’s Note – Before his new column, here’s a lovely note from Chef Tom concerning our fallen brother, Frank Gutch Jr.

I didn’t know Frank. I do know Bob and have for a very long time. The loss of a loved one is always so painful, such a sobering interruption and (the thing that pisses me off the most), so fucking final. When my friends are in pain, I feel it too. It was wonderful reading all of the generous thoughts and heartfelt tributes about this most remarkable man.

Having been on the planet now for more than a few decades, I have often pondered on that age-old axiom of “finding your purpose in life.” Took a few years but I finally made peace with that terrible notion, where what I have isn’t nearly as good as what I COULD have if I ever found my purpose. The peace I found was in considering the question, ”What if my purpose in life isn’t some grand accomplishment that impacts millions, but rather something as seemingly simple, even benign, as a smile at someone across the aisle in the bus?” My smile might be just the thing this person needed to see at that moment in order to make a wise choice that would set a thousand wheels in motion, making a significant difference in the lives of many, most I would never know about.

Frank’s generosity of spirit, being the intrepid miner of rare gems when it came to finding obscure, but beautiful  music, giving those gems a good polish, and bringing them into light for everyone to enjoy…..that talent alone likely transformed hundreds of lives for the better.

Most excellent work and life well-lived. RIP Mr. Gutch.

…and now, here’s Chef Tom’s latest….

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Chef Tom’s Big Adventure: Paris, Day Three

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21 September

Paris, despite a relentless onslaught of techno-goblins, was glorious. My friend Mary, who happened to be in Paris when I was, told me yesterday that Mercury has been sitting square in retrograde for the last few days (Mercury being the god of communication, retrograde being the definition of “No way, Jose.”). Small frickin’ wonder. So many techno-dead ends, computer breakdowns and communications false starts could not have been my fault, right?

Right. Whatever.

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Chef Tom Herndon – San Sebastian, Part Three – Akelare: A Visual Feast!

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I always wanted to experience a three-star Michelin meal. I promised myself on this solo adventure that I would be generous with myself.  As I said in the last missive, I couldn’t gain access to the two restaurants in San Sebastian that are at the top of most food enthusiast’s lists – Mugaritz and Arzak.  So I opted for door number two – Akelare.  Still in the top 10% and boasting three Michelin stars of its own.

It’s been nearly three years and this was the one place I didn’t take copious notes about the food. Sorry. But I did get some good pics. Here are some images from the meal, starting with my approach to the restaurant, then the ambiance inside, and finally the presentation of the food. I even took some amateur movies. What it lacks in drool-worthy prose, it makes up for in visual sumptuousness.

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Chef Tom Herndon – San Sebastian, Part Two: Pintxos Crawl

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(This is a long one, but worth the read.  Grab a cup of tea and enjoy.)

September 2017

Some background. This culinary adventure has been in the making for nearly two years. When I first heard about San Sebastian, Spain, I had no idea this sleepy little former fishing village had such an esteemed culinary reputation: more Michelin stars per square meter than any other city. For such a small corner of the culinary universe, San Sebastian has some highly-talented, world-celebrated chefs with truly inspirational relationships to food; a passionately gastronomical culture.

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Bob’s Dining and Dancing Saturday Spectacular for Chef Tom

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Chef Tom’s column is missing this week…the poor lad  (unlike his fine culinary creations) is burnt to a crisp from pleasing so many palates this past week,. He’ll be back next Saturday, but I didn’t want anyone to go hungry today, soooo….

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