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Frank Gutch Jr: The Sixties’ TEEN SCENES— When Teens Ruled the Music World…..

Posted in Opinion with tags , , , , , , on February 15, 2012 by segarini

No love songs for me!  Hell, no!  Give me Rock & Roll and Metal and Hard Rock!  Give me something with a beat, and I ain’t talkin’ heartbeat.  Give me pulse-pounding vibrations strong enough to revive the dead!  Give me… Garage!  Garage?  Where the hell did that term come from?  When I played it it was just plain old Rock & Roll and it came in a variety of shapes and sizes from attempts at Surf (two guitars and a bass plugged into one Sears Silvertone amp whose speakers screamed for mercy) to attempts at Rock (vocals so over-amped you could not tell there were vocals which was fine because most singers screamed instead of sang anyway) to attempts at whatever the instruments and amps and PA system allowed.  You know what it was like?  Nine out of ten bands had a member who was only in the band because he owned the PA.  Hell, nine out of ten members of bands joined before they even knew how to play an instrument!  Those were the days and I’ve been reliving them a lot lately thanks to a video about Fort Worth’s teen scene, aptly titled Teen A-Go-Go.

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