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Roxanne Tellier – Don’t Bogart That Joint My Friend – Monetize It.

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The O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo held at the Sheraton Centre this past April 21-23 conveniently allowed those celebrating 4/20 to have their pot, and eat it too.

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Segarini – Hillary and Donald, and Fraser and Daley…You’re Welcome

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Bob and the Shitgibbon

Up until a few hours ago I was about to post my column today, which was a 6000 word essay and reprints of comments, articles and facts, slaved over to make a simple point…

Donald Trump is not qualified to be the President of the United States, and Hillary Rodham Clinton is.

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Segarini: The Yearly Assault on My Liver Begins – CMW 2015

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It’s easily the real first sign of Spring.

For 30 years it took place during the snow and ice encrusted March Winds, a situation many of us whined about for…well…30 years.

Last year our dreams came true and our hopes and prayers were answered.

Canadian Music Week moved from the Icy Clutch of March, to the more civilized and warmer Embrace of May.

Not exactly Pina Colada weather, but light years better than huddling together around a make-shift fire in an oil drum to stay warm while trying to smoke a cigarette before it froze to your fingers and went out.

…now if we can just keep them lit before the rains put them out….


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Segarini: Fraser/Daley, Plus the new Tuesday Showcase for Indie Music

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We all know guys like this. They are rarely the main attraction in a crowded room. No, these are not the guys that walk into a room and immediately command attention. Rather, they are more akin to the charismatic head-turner’s wingmen; the more stealth-like companions to the stars, whose easy going charm and unassuming demeanor disarm those around them with quiet wit, dry conversation, and unheralded skills. These two individuals do not announce their presence with obvious flourish, nor do they seek either celebrity or adulation. They are like us; fans of music, looking to have a good time, and comfortable in their own skin. That is why, when they mount the stage and pick up their instruments and start performing, our jaws drop open and we see them fully for the first time. Our first thought? These guys are fucking amazing!

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Nadia Elkharadly: The Musical Time Machine

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There are few things in this world that are capable of evoking such an intense response as music.  It inspires happiness, sadness, fear, hope, every emotion possible.  It sets a mood, it creates an atmosphere. It brings back memories, and it helps make new ones.  And sometimes, music can even take a person back in time.  The old becomes new again, new can become old.  Young artists from all over are dusting off the old standards and pulling inspiration from times long gone, often from even before they were born.  Older musicians see value in the music of those who admired them.  The results are, in a word, AWESOME.  Here are some of the bands and musicians that are doing exactly this, and doing it really, really well.

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