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Segarini – Gotta Have Pop: Track by Track

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Before we get started…

I love my old bands. …and The Segarini Band remains special because it was the one (and only) that bore my name. The Segarini Band, after an aborted attempt failed to gel in Montreal after All the Young Dudes fell apart in 1976, finally came together for the A&M EP in Toronto a year later in 1977.

Thanks to Segarini Band guitar player Peter Kashur getting in touch with drummer Mark Bronson, Here’s more info on the how and why.

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock’n’Roll – It Was Thirty Years Ago Today

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I was asked to do a television interview later today for a story on defunct Canadian record labels from the past. Buried in my basement are many boxes of rock’n’roll artifacts and I knew if I dug deep enough I would find the RPM Magazine 1979 salute to Quality which was celebrating their 30th Anniversary that year. Whilst digging around I found my November 1979 Music Express cover story on Bob Segarini.

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Segarini: Sam the Record Man

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Sam Sniderman: For our readers from the U.S and the rest of the world, Sam was to record retail stores what Col. Sanders was to fried chicken. Someone who not only loved what he did, but did it better than anyone else. The only difference between him and the Col. was that Sam never sold out to big business and closed his stores rather than cheapen the product and sell out. He truly was one of a kind. I say was, because Sam passed away either late last night or early this morning, surrounded by family and friends, in his sleep. He was 92.


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Segarini: The Story of The Segarini Band – Chapter Three

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Chapter Two can be found HERE

The plot, like good gravy, thickens…

So where were we? Oh yeah…The band is complete, A&M have bailed out, I no longer have Rita Coolidge or Graham Nash’s, or anybody else’s phone numbers, (my phone book, clothes, smokes, and everything else I had with me had been stolen in Detroit when I went there to produce The Romantics), which is why I never called anyone I had met prior to 1978 ever again,


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