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Frank Gutch Jr: Majors Creek (Australia) Music Fest Carries On Without Founder Peter Gillespie, Memories of the Eugene Pop Festival of 1969, and E.J. Simpson— The Most Base of Bassists… Plus the Ever-Wondrous Notes…..

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Frank Pic

If you live in the States or Canada, you can be forgiven for not knowing about Majors Creek, for there are plenty of people who live in Australia who know little or nothing about it.  Here is a DBAWIS primer for those in the dark.

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YouthInAsia1 This week marked two important memorial milestones in Rock and Roll History. It was 51 years ago on February 9th that the Beatles walked into the homes of America –and the world – via ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’. The other was the 56th anniversary of the Day the Music Died – with Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and the Big Bopper perishing in a plane crash on February 3, 1959 [in a sad coincidence, Holly’s bassist in The Crickets, Joe B. Mauldin passed away on February 7th this year]. I’m of the generation that neither event was contemporaneous to me. I can only measure their importance by the impact crater they left on pop culture…and music specifically.
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Frank Gutch Jr: Anti-Microbials Made Me Do It (and if you think they’re not a problem, maybe you’re listening to the wrong music)…..

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FrankJr2I sit here, a pool of phlegm and what would be blood if the body would allow enough into the mix, feeling like six buckets of shit.  My right eye is a stream of tears and swells each night.  In the morning, the eyelid is a peacock feather dried to perfection against cheek, awaiting its morning ablutions necessary for it to even be and eyelid.  I don’t know how it happens because with all of the coughing racking what is left of my body, there shouldn’t be enough time for the tears to dry.  It certainly doesn’t feel like it, sleep coming in short and shorter bursts, the phlegm either stopping life-giving breaths on a fairly regular schedule or spewing itself in massive quantities on pillowcase or wall (both, when a sneeze takes control).  Here’s the thing:  I can’t sleep.  I can’t eat.  I can’t stop coughing.  I feel like those six buckets multiplied by ten and would sell my soul to the devil but there never seems to be one around when you need one.

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Segarini: The Story of The Segarini Band- Chapter Two

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Chapter One can be found HERE

Okay, where do I find musicians in this Burg?

Thanks to Martin Melhuish, I have access to a small, 8-track studio in the basement of Thunder Sound in Toronto.

Armed with a couple of songs I had written in the first version of The Segarini Band, and the beginnings of a couple more, I started spending time in Toronto looking for musicians and finish writing the new tunes. Money was tight. When I couldn’t afford a room, I had met a woman, (a friend of a friend), who had an apartment not far from the studio, who let me sleep on her couch if I babysat her kid while she ‘worked’, so I had a place to stay. Eating was another problem. Most of the time it was baloney or ham sandwiches or the kindness of friends, but on Saturdays I usually ate like a King…and drank like a fish.

How, you ask?

Like this…


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