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Merch table_Hamilton_Dave Rave_2002

I find myself at the front end of yet another re-invention of myself. When last I spoke of my day job I was driving automobiles for a subcontractor to one of Canada’s only two railroads. It wasn’t CN. The job nearly killed me. It was so labour intensive and the hours were so long that I actually don’t remember getting to or from work some days.

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Nadia Elkharadly: Music and Fashion

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Music and fashion are two things that have always interested me.  Before I started writing about music, I wrote the occasional piece for local online magazine Toronto Street Fashion, and I really enjoyed it.  So when it was pointed out to me recently that I tend to include the occasional fashion commentary in my music reviews, I wasn’t all that surprised.  To me, music and fashion are two forms of self-expression that go hand in hand.

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Segarini: When Radio and Records Ruled the World Part 15…Much Music, Rap, Hip Hop and Grunge, The End is Near

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Part 14 can be found here

You want me to do what?

When I asked John (Martin) what a television producer did, I expected an answer. You know, words strung together in such a fashion as to deliver pertinent information explaining what it was a person had to do that would result in television being produced in a timely and acceptable manner. “You’ll find out”, was not an acceptable answer.

I said, “Seriously, what does a television producer do.”

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Nadia Elkharadly: Grunge Girl Rides Again!

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In my last column I talked about how I came to love music, and the kind of music that instilled that love.  Back then I was voracious in my appetite to obtain music, music that was new or just new to me.  But it came to be that recorded music wasn’t enough to satiate the craving.  The concept of live shows made itself known.  My favourite bands would tour.  People would line up outside Sunrise Records or Sam the Record Man for hours for a chance to buy tickets to hear, see and simply breathe the same air as their favourite artists.  And I wanted to be one of those people.

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Nadia Elkharadly: Children of Grunge

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Last weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing Mudhoney perform for the first time.  In the subsequent review, I commented that “You’ll always love the music that you grew up with, the songs and bands that you discovered in your youth. “  It’s a notion that I kind of come back to time and time again.  Being born in 1980, I began to notice the popular music around me in the early 1990s; the era of Grunge.  And as I said in my review, I still love that music and those bands even today.  As someone who is bombarded with new music, new artists and new bands on a fairly regular basis, it’s curious to me that I still love that genre 15 years later.  And the music I love even now, likely bears more than a passing resemblance to the music that raised me.

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