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Peter Montreuil says Hello to 2018…and the About-to-Be Unemployed

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Well, 2018 started with a bang. A diva “redeemed” herself, some new laws came into force and we froze our butts off. After a week when we were sometimes colder than Mars and when Hell (Michigan) froze, the temperature is finally getting back to normal for this time of year. While Spring might not be in the air, or even just around the corner, you have to admit that it is a month closer than it was a month ago.

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One of my favourite bands of all time, Klaatu, had a song entitled ‘Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby III’ about an old sea Captain who recalls his adventures on the edge of the world and boasts that he’d been to hell and come back alive.

I now know how he felt.

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