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Roxanne Tellier – Nighttime in America

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The American Dream is OVER. It’s nighttime in America.

If Biden was running for the ‘soul of America,’ he was too late. It had already been sold to the Devil. And its apprentice, trump, along with his squad of overweight, wannabe SS, has now emerged, crueler, more sadistic, and more vengeful than ever, whether, in the trouble end, he wins or loses.

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Roxanne Tellier – Who’s A Clever Boots Then? Bueller? Anybody?

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It’s always weird when you’re recovering from being really sick. I’ve just come out of two weeks of a knocked down, dragged out, cough and snorting extravaganza that left me gasping for breath, and wishing I’d bought shares in Kleenex.

When you’re that sick, when you spend less hours ambulatory and/or awake than you do face down on the futon, you watch the swirl of madness that we call politics with a jaundiced eye;  you know it matters, very, very much who is elected to lead the country, but they all sound like Charlie Brown‘s teacher, and look more like distorted monsters from another planet than they do potential leaders.

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Roxanne Tellier – Thinking About Thinking

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Ain’t I a wonder, and ain’t you a wonder too!

Or so we’ve been led to believe, by all of our ‘likes’ and ‘loves’ on social media, which is where we go to show off our funny, pretty, and intelligent sides. It’s where we go to get our ‘strokes’ of approval, to find out who’s doing what, and it’s where some of us go to air our opinions and beliefs, and to challenge the opinions and beliefs of others.

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I’ve got nothing left. I’m spent. This week has been the tightrope shit-show from hell. As Montgomery Burns found out on ‘The Simpsons’ when he tried to get monkeys to type out the greatest novel of all time: “It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times.”

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Segarini: The Long Run

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There was a time when being older was something that was respected, even revered. The logic of that is easy to understand. The longer you live, the more you experience. With experience comes knowledge and if you’re lucky, wisdom. The more information you seek and absorb, the better your chances of being able to make better decisions, and the more cognizant of the past, the better equipped you are to understand the future. So how is it we live in a culture that worships youth, continues to make the same boneheaded mistakes we made in the past, and remains mired in superficiality, gossip, mediocrity, and ennui?  The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. Photo by Michael Dent

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