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Mike Marino – CJOM, Tim Buckley, The Rock and Roll Farm, and The Grande Old Dame

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The 70’s in Detroit! Live local bands, rock and roll venues were everywhere! Beer was cheap at the clubs and it was a Rock and Roll solar system as were most large cities with local live music!

I’ve written many pieces about radio..mostly major highlights I experienced, but there were also those little pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that gave life to that career and not just a few laughs so I will explore my cranial caverns of memory to let them fall to the digital page, that is if they agree to….

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Gary Pig Gold and Iggy, In the Hands of the Fans….

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock’n’Roll – I is for Iggy and Lou

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CamIt was probably this 1972 Mick Rock photo (Pictured below) that first alerted me to Lou Reed. I would have been 13 at the time and I imagine it appeared in Rock Scene or Creem! magazine. It may have been my first real impression of Iggy Pop as well, just being in the company of David Bowie made them both cool in my eyes. At that point I didn’t know who the Velvet Underground was and I didn’t own a Stooges record. Like any great artist Bowie led me to many others.

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s – Donabie, Cohen, the HOF, and NXNE Films

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Before we talk about the Hall of Fame in Cleveland there are a couple of local Hall Of Famers that need to be addressed.

Hearty congratulations to local radio legend John Donabie on his forthcoming induction to the Canadian Broadcast Industry Hall Of Fame. John will be honoured on Thursday March 21, 2013, at the annual Canadian Music Week festivities.

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