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Nadia Elkharadly: Concert Killjoys

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Nadia LogoHave you guys been listening to Indie 88 yet? (88.1 on your FM Dial!)  The station launched just a few short weeks ago and has quickly become my favourite radio destinations.  Now that their announcing staff are rocking the airwaves all day and every day, my morning drives are all that much better for having another non shock jock listening option. Along with being inoffensively entertaining, Brian, Matt (of the Russian Futurists) and Candace (formerly of q107) often have some fun questions to pose to their listening audiences, inspiring us to laugh, cry or just think from time to time.  Earlier this week I was driving to work and listening to my new favourite station, and the Indie 88 morning crew had a great discussion going on the topic of show fouls.

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABCs of Rock ‘n’ Roll – B Stands for B-Sides The Point

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CamCouple of quick updates from last week. Dave “Bookie” Bookman has indeed landed at Indie 88.1 and will debut his Sunday night show on September 15th at 6:00 PM. Nice to have him back on the local airwaves. Former Q-107 evening jock Dominik Diamond has taken over the morning show at the newly branded Radio 965 in Halifax.

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock’n’Roll – A is for Aircheck

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CamDuring the last few months I have been listening to a lot more radio than normal. Working at home, and with no TV, I hate the silence so the radio goes on. I need noise in the background to work. Tired of CFNY, Q-107 and news radio I started listening to sports radio in the morning and soon found myself listening to Macko and Cauz on TSN 1050 (which still doesn’t look right after growing up on 1050 Chum). Macko is Bob Mackowycz Jr. (son of Q-107 legend Bob Mackowycz) and Matthew Cauz. My first dealings with Bob were when he was in the band Glueleg and they were looking for a record deal.

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