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Cameron Carpenter: Past And Present Tens – RiFFing on Indie Week – Part One

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There was a point late Friday night (OK, Saturday morning) when I looked around Davy Love’s newest pub The Old Laurel on College Street (, saw the collection of talent around me, watched them all interacting, and it felt like the months of hard work had all been worth it. To my left were Canadian actors/writers Brandon Ludwig and Dave Roberts, James McNally film programmer from “Shorts That Are Not Pants” and “The Scruffy City Music & Film Festival”, Bloor Hot Docs Theatre manager Ron Koperdraad, Bellwoods Alan Snoddy, to my right RiFF co-programmer Christopher Cherry, former Smiths drummer and Indie Week keynote speaker Mike Joyce, “The Seeds – Pushin’ Too Hard” director Neil Norman, and “the smalls – forever is a long time” director John Kerr. It was an amazing cross-section of people from around the world and they were all enjoying each other’s company and talking up each other’s work.

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