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vernon_1997Tuesday marks the 147th birthday of this great Dominion known as Canada.  Though we’re not quite as old as our brother to the south, our European lineage dates back to May 2, 1670 when the Dread Pirate Ernie Hudson got his ship stranded in the northern waters of the arctic looking for a direct passage to Santa’s Workshop. He and the crew survived on nothing but Her Queen’s Own Biscuits, Tea Hudsons BayCandles and striped blankets knitted from the wool of extinct mammoths. The native population had already been here 11,000 years longer and resented the idea that you now had to trade 10 beaver pelts to get a birch bark canoe. We’ve come a long way since then but still pride ourselves on our cultural diversity, beavers, hockey and fornicating while watching hockey. Oh, and we seem to be able to write a mean ditty (not “diddy” you internet meme idiots).

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Nadia Elkharadly: The Downfall of Coachella

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NadiaIf you are at all active on any social media platform, you, like me, were probably assaulted incessantly by photos and 140 character capped musings about Coachella. Now that the first weekend of one of the world’s biggest music festivals has passed, the reviews, criticisms and lists (thanks buzzfeed) have added to the deluge of information on an event that I, and many like me, have actively chosen NOT to take part in.  But such as our world has become, even conscious non-participation doesn’t seem to be a viable option anymore. Whether you like it or not, it’s something that demands attention, like Justin Bieber’s douchebaggery or Miley Cyrus’s abnormally large (and likely infected) tongue.

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