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Valentine and VerminBravo to those that waded into the Neil Young debate with my blog from last week. I’m still getting hate mail so clearly it hit a nerve. When Neil solves the energy crisis, world peace and how to tune a guitar, let me know. I’ll retract the entire piece. Now on to something a little more frivolous…

This week Forbes magazine released their straw poll of the Top 20 best driving songs. The list is here.

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Nadia Elkharadly: My 80s top 6

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That’s right, I’m jumping on the Bandwagon.  Bob and Cam’s lists of their songs from the 80s had me nostalgic for my childhood.  Frankly, I’m jealous of their more mature perspectives. They actually understood the music, what it was about and even got to see some of these acts live.  I’ve always said I was born at the wrong time, and I never feel it more when I look at when the music I love was made.  If I had been old enough to at least grasp what music was in the 80s, I would have been old enough to be seeing and feeling it live and in person in the 90s.  I was born in 1980, so for the most part the music of the 80s is a fuzzy background to other memories that I have growing up.  I was just a kid when this music was around, but for as long as I can remember, music was a part of my childhood.

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