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Justin Smallbridge: iTunes infected with Irish marketing virus or This crummy album got into my iTunes. Oh, U2?

Posted in Opinion with tags , , , , , , , , on September 22, 2014 by segarini


Are you grooving to your mandatory U2 record? In case you missed it (hard to miss, given how much it was hyped), U2’s 13th record, “Songs Of Innocence” (title stolen from long-dead English poet William Blake) is now in your iTunes collection. How is that possible, you ask. You didn’t buy it. Or want it. Regardless, you own 11 variations on advertising jingles to soundtrack the selling of Apple’s iPhone 6 and impending iWatch as well as possibly to let you know Apple can do whatever the hell it wants its devices, which we naively think we “own.” It probably says that in the long Terms and Conditions text everybody clicks “Agree” on without reading. Apple paid $100 million for this the marketing campaign. Nobody’s saying how much of that U2 is getting.

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