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A Message from DBAWIS

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DBAWIS is on Hiatus until September 5th. In the meantime, don’t forget to visit our site and catch up on the over 1500 articles by entering the name of your favourite DBAWIS scribe in the “Archive” window, and have at it. Great reading for the Dog Days of Summer. See you with Fresh Fun on September 5th!

DBAWIS Writers 2

The Writers – Roxanne Tellier, Pat Blythe, Frank Gutch Jr., Cam Carpenter, Jaimie Vernon, Gary Pig Gold, Doug Thompson, and past contributors, Nadia Elkharadly, Justin Smallbridge, Geoff Pevere, and the Sometimes Darrell Vickers. Not pictured are Guest Writers Ira Robbins, Bobby Singh, and Jade Dunlop, plus friends who have contributed a column or two over the years


Segarini: Ira Robbins on The Who

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For all the bitching and moaning about Facebook, the reason I first signed up still holds true; I can get in touch with old friends, lost over the years because of moves, misplaced phone numbers, and dozens of other what-have-you-reasons, keep up with what people are coming across and sharing in the News Feed, and occasionally being blessed with a picture, link, or well written piece that engages me and draws me in. One such piece of terrific writing  caught my eye a couple of days ago and stopped me in my tracks. I hit the ‘read more’ link and read the whole article. And suddenly, I remembered how great rock journalism can be….


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