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Roxanne Tellier: Television, The Baby Boomers, and Me

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Ladies and Gentlemen may I introduce the latest addition to the DBAWIS family. Please give a warm Don’t Believe a Word I Say welcome to a dear friend, writer, singer and songwriter, Ms. Roxanne Tellier. With Roxanne entertaining you on Sundays, I will now only be late on Mondays. And now…Roxy’s first column.

RoxanneTelevision and I grew up together. In Alberta in the 1950’s, there were just two channels, and everything was in black and white. But TV always had a little something for me; a “Wide World of Disney” here, an “Ed Sullivan” night there.

Kids didn’t have much to choose from, nor were they considered part of the television viewing schedule discussion. But we were the Baby Boomers, and we were about to become a major force in shaping the way television grew and how it reflected our environment.

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