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Pat Blythe – The greatest bass player in the world…..and (his) music

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I never seem to know what I’m going to write about from one week to the next. Sometimes I plan things out, gather the photos, etc. and then BAM! Something else falls in my lap and I’m heading down a totally different path. I love these journeys. This is one such trip.

I have been introduced, quite accidently, into the world of bassist Jaco Pastorius after discovering a video of Joni Mitchell with Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays performing with her. I forwarded it to a friend who loves all three of the artists I mentioned. The name my friend “picks out of the crowd” however, is the bassist Jaco Pastorius. Me, wouldn’t know him if I tripped over him. That changed pretty fast! Next thing I know I’m getting schooled in all things Jaco and we’re watching the 2014 documentary about his life.

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Segarini: The Weekend Roundup – People City, Queen, CITY TV, and Xprime

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It’s no secret that I love Toronto. After growing up on the Left Coast, (San Francisco, Stockton, Los Angeles, and Eureka) and spending five years in Montreal, I found myself living in The Big Smoke. Reluctantly at first, Toronto grew on me until I realized it was my one true home, and though I pine for the Stockton of the ‘50s, the San Francisco and the L.A of the ‘60s, and the Eureka and Montreal of the ‘70s, There is no place on Earth I would rather be in the here and now, than here; Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


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