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Segarini: Strange Bedfellows Redux

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Bob Throws the Horns

The column due today, “Stopping the Stupid”, will be here next Friday. In the meantime, here’s a rerun from 2011 about politics, rock stars and the silliness that is part of the political landscape despite its incredibly loopy connection. With the exception of President Obama, there don’t seem to be any politicians worthy of a decent song for their campaign or party or office. The Republicans, however, are looking pretty good for “Get Out of Compton…and Everywhere Else”. Stephen Harper could go with “I’m a Loser”, but I don’t think the Beatles know who he is. I just wish WE didn’t….


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Segarini: Strange Bedfellows

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I’m not much of a political animal. Never learned the game or played it well, which is why I’m not a household name or King of All Media. Further, as much as all pursuits in life have a political bent to them, (marriage, your job, getting a decent deal on a used car), the Arts have a very checkered past with actual politics, the ones that feature elected leaders and CEOs and the like, who are supposed to lead us, the Great Unwashed, around by our noses. It seems an odd footnote to me, seeing popular musical artists taking a photo op with the leader of a Nation, Religion, Donald Trump, or vise versa.


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Segarini: When Radio and Records Ruled the World Part 7 – The Invasion Begins…

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Part 6 can be found here

Cruising the AM dial was extremely rewarding in the early ‘60’s, there was so much music to be had. Not only the songs you tuned in to hear, but radio stations added a dozen or so new tracks every week, and told you about them and the artists, plus most had a record race or voice your choice program that aired around 5 pm weekdays, after school was finished and American Bandstand was over. Just about everybody listened, discussing which new songs you liked, or what you voted for.

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